The Last Weekend

My right hip surgery is tomorrow. I have been trying to pack as much in to this weekend as possible before I am on crutches!

Saturday morning I woke up early for a debate tournament. It was the first time I had partnered with my best friend, and it turned out great! We went 3-0 and had so much fun. If we go 3-0 at another tournament we qualify for state championships. So even though I am missing the over night national tournament because of surgery at least this weekend's debate went really well.

After the debate the two of us rushed to our school to see our other friends in the senior show "The Awesome 80s Prom." 

Next had to rush over to a youth group dance and overnight, still wear my debate attire. I was utterly exhausted and in a ton of pain at this point, but it was totally worth it to see all my youth group friends. 

My dad picked me up this morning and I had just enough time at home to shower then I went to pick up my grandma from the airport. This afternoon I went with her, my aunt, mom, and sisters to get mani-pedis, and to pick up some clothes for post op. And yes I made sure the did not have a policy against having nail polish on.
Prettiest Nails in the OR

I have to go now and get ready for tomorrow not to mention make my room crutch friendly again, guess next time I write I will be on the other side.

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