Post Op Day 1 and 2

In the morning it was like a parade of doctors in my room, each one testing the exact same movements and feelings. The OS's resident came in an explained my hip looked "angry" (his words not mine). 

I had a small breakfast. Finally at about 10 two PTs came, since I was not allowed out of bed at ALL until they helped me walk, I was really excited to see them. Along with them I think every doctor on the floor came int, there were about 6 people in my room who had never been there before for the most part.  I only crutch to the bathroom and down the hall and back but it was nice to get out of bed.

After lunch another PT came in and we attempted to put the brace on for the first time, it was big, like really big. This was not going to work so about an hour later a guy from the brace shop came. Apparently most of the time people are fit for braces in pre-op, but for some reason I never was. It took a few tries to get a brace to fit, sometimes being tall and skinny is hard.

The monstrous hip brace!

Finally I left the hospital, after I got home I spent pretty much the rest of my night in the CPM machine until I went to sleep. I slept pretty good, in 3-4 hour intervals, which was much better then the 1 hour intervals I was managing in the hospital.

Today, post-op day 2, I had my first shower, it was a bit of a challenge, but I managed. My lovely sister, who has been amazing to me, made me breakfast then I took a nap in  the CPM machine. 

I also had my first PT session today. It was pretty relaxed, just given a few isometric strengthening exercises, went over some of my restrictions again, decided I was putting way too much weight through my leg.

After PT I slept some more. Basically I slept all day.


  1. It sounds like recovery is going well
    How long are you going to be doing PT for?

  2. So far so good! I will be in PT for 6-8 months but at some point I will need to have my other hip done so It will be a bit longer.