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Still Chuggin Along

Remember last year when I started posting really sporadically because I was too busy living life? Well I wish that was the reason for why I haven't been posting lately but unfortunately I have been busy being sick. I have spent too much time at CHOP. Typing it all out would take a while so I am going to do a by the numbers post for the semester so far.

1 Hospital Admission
1 Gastric Emptying Study
1 DEXA Bone Scan
2 NJ Tube Changes
2 EKGs
3 Different NJ Tubes
3 ER Trips
3 Doctor's Appointment
4 Abdominal X-Rays
5 IVs
5 Trips to Interventional Radiology
Countless Episodes of Tachycardia

Two say I am excited for my cardio appointment is an understatement! 11 more days!!!!