Post Op Day 6 (Almost at 1 Week!)

I may have spoken to soon when I said my headache was gone yesterday, it came back later in the day with a vengeance. I guess it was pissed I dismissed it too soon. It attacked for a but this morning as I attempted to do some homework again, but went away around noon, this time for good I think.

I finally managed to complete some homework today. And I am going to school for about three periods tomorrow, I figured I would ease back into my normal routine. I will see how that goes. I am actually really excited to go. I get to see people who are not related to me or in the medical profession for the first time in like a week.

So now about my hip. It really has not been that painful, last night was probably the first time I really felt pain since the first day post op. Although the whole top of my thigh is just a huge bruise, I will not be winning any sexy leg contest in the near future. Everything just feels really tight, which is impressive considering I spend 6 hours a day using the CPM machine. Have I mention yet how much I hate the CPM? In case I have not yet, I hate it A LOT. Another thing I really hate is the brace I have to wear. It digs into my ginormous bruise and stitches, it is made mostly of plastic and metal, and only has a thin layer of padding. Who thought it would be a good idea to put hard plastic on a just operated on hip? All in all the hip is doing well, sorry for my rant.

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