2 Weeks Post Op Appointment and the Hand Ultrasound

Ever wonder how to really confuse a radiology department? All you have to do is show up for a hip x-ray then come back an hour later for a hand ultrasound.

Now about the hip and everything. The appointment went really well. We went back over the fact the hip was worse than expected, with the added information that there was a bone spur. Even though it was bad I am doing really well with recovery. I got the ok to ditch the brace. In a week I get to stop using the CPM machine(I am going to have so much free time!) and in a week I also get to wean off crutches!

I was done with the OS before 8:30, even though my appointment wasn't even till 8:45! Even though my ultrasound appointment wasn't supposed to be till 11 we decided to go radiology to see if they could fit me in sooner, and they usually are pretty flexible so I got in pretty quickly. However since I was there an hour earlier, getting another type of imaging on another body part ordered by another doctor, there was a bit of confusion and it did not help that it was closer to my hip x-ray appointment time than my hand ultrasound time.

The ultrasound didn't actually show anything. I am not sure how I feel about that, on one hand it is good it did not show something was wrong. On the other hand until about 36/24hrs before the ultrasound my index and middle finger were really swollen and unusable, so I would like to know why. I guess that's Murphy's Law though.


  1. It's true that you'll always have your worse symptoms a day before or a day after your appointment. Once, my mum had me walk all around town before an MRI so they would get results while I was in pain.

    Is the spur causing any pain or damage?

  2. I actually felt like I was going crazy.

    The spur was removed during surgery, not exactly sure how it fits into everything else though.