Anti-inflammatory Pain Cream

My new NSAID cream came in the mail today, it is very fancy and actually contains 5 active ingredients. What is really cool is it came with a sheet that explained how each one works.

Note: most of the below explanations come from previously mentioned sheet (which is why they sound so intelligent.

Diclofenac: (The brand name of the oral from in Voltaren, aka my favorite NSAID cause I am cool enough to have a favorite NSAID) If you haven't guessed by all the stuff in the parentheses, it is an NSAID, and as the cool sheet says, it works by blocking the arachodonic pathways of the inflammation ( I really wish I actually knew what this meant, maybe I will google it)

Baclofen: A muscle relaxant and anti-spasmodic that reduces the neurotransmitter release from pain receptors generating ectopic impulses. (I understood everything except the second to last word, not bad)

Cyclobenzaprine: A muscle relaxant that helps control muscle spasms and tightness residing in the area of localized pain. (I understood all of that without any help from google!)

Piroxicam: Another NSAID, works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation. (I understand two in a row!)

Tetracaine: A local anesthetic to numb the site of the pain by blocking sodium channels. (Thanks to AP Bio I understand this explanation too!)

Of course I needed to test out this fancy cram right away so my dad got me latex type gloves (you are supposed to wear glove to make sure the joint gets the medicine and not your hand!) And I put it on my left hip!
The Gloves and 2 Bottles of the Fancy Cream
My Hand with the Sexy Glove and 1 'Dose' of Fancy Cream

I figure I would stick to one joint for now to see how it works. I am going to try to put it on for the recommended 3-4 times a day. It has a slight bio-freeze/ben-gay smell. I will update soon on how it works.

2 Days of Appointments

Yesterday afternoon I went to the rheumatologist, then today I had x-rays, then OS, then the PT from HSS.

I will start with the rheumy appointment. It was actually pretty uneventful because I am doing pretty well right now finally. The one thing we discussed was lowering the dose of Voltaren because of some GI issues. I am pretty reluctant to mess with the Voltaren at the moment, between my internship at a preschool, my nannying job, and prom coming up I really do not have the time/energy for a flare (not that it makes a difference). Since I have to stop 2 weeks before my hip surgery anyway I am waiting until after then to change anything.

I was also given copies of my blood work from a week ago to give to the OS, so with any luck I could not have to get more pre-op blood test. Apparently they need blood tests from 30 or less before surgery, so the last test misses the window, but it was worth a try.

At my OS appointment appointment we talked about the issues I had with the last surgery and how to deal with them this time.

Problem: I got a horrible spinal headache about 3 days post op.
Solution: I will have a pediatric anesthesiologist and I will be given a prescription for the headache medication when I am give all the other medication scrips(instead of waiting to get a headache.

Problem: Naproxen started to burn my throat and I can only be on one NSAID at a time (which means if I am on Naproxen I can not be on Voltaren).
Solution: I will still have to take the standard NSAID for the prevention of bone growth for the first 5 days after surgery, but I can then restart the Voltaren, and skip the Naproxen all together.

Problem: My shoulders sometimes get painful and they struggled with crutches.
Solution: Forearm crutches instead of underarm crutches.

Any ideas on how to decorate these?
*Bonus Solution* (This does not have to do with the surgery)

Problem: Voltaren is giving my GI issues but I am reluctant to lower my doses because it is actually working.
Solution: OS prescribed a cream form of Voltaren, so if I have an issue when I lower my dose  (or even before then) I can put it on the painful joint and it will target it more, and bypass my GI track.

All in all my OS appointment was very productive. Then we went to the PT, he was very happy with my progress and the improvement in the strength of my right  hip. We practiced using the new crutches, which require a bit more balance, but were ok. That was pretty much it for that since my exercises seem pretty good for now.

So over 4 hours after getting to HSS I finally got to go home (or well back to my internship anyway).


I am not sure if I actually had strep, but since no one ever called with the results of the 48 hour test I guess I didn't. Whatever I had was zapped by the antibiotics thankfully. I was a bit off still when taking the AP Bio exam, but by the time I took AP Gov I felt pretty normal. My left hip did not like sitting through the 4 hour AP tests at all. My hands hurt a little during the test but I think it was just because of the insane amounts of writing. I actually survive my AP tests, and with that me senior year.

This past week I stated my senior internship at a preschool. I also started a two week long nanny job on Friday. That meant I was watching little kids from 8 am to 6 pm. My hips actually did well, the left one was a little painful around 4ish but I just sat down for a little while, as the 2 little boys played on swings. Notice how it is always my left hip giving me problems lately, I really can't wait to get it fixed (well except for the spending my summer on crutches part).

So that is the update on my life barring to many medical details. On Monday I have a rheumy appointment and on Tuesday I have an OS appointment as well as an appointment with the HSS PT (which hopefully will not be a total waste of time like it was last time).

Z-Pack and AP Tests

My plans for this weekend pretty much just included cramming for my upcoming AP test on Monday and Tuesday, well of course my body had different plans.

Saturday started off pretty normal, I went in for my monthly blood test which is always fun. My morning went about as usual but I started to get a cough and my throat was a little sore. I still went to my study groups, I just grabbed some cough drops and ordered a cup of tea instead of coffee at Starbucks.

Saturday night I could not sleep, I kept coughing and my stomach felt weird (not to mention my knee felt like someone was stabbing it), I probably got around 4 hour. When I woke up this morning and could not talk and my throat killed, and I overall just had that hit by a truck feeling. Clearly my body could not handle the fact I almost went 5 weeks without seeing the inside of a doctor's office.

Normally I would have waited till tomorrow to see if my symptoms went away on their own and gone to see my GP, but with the AP Bio exam tomorrow I was not trusting fate, so it was off to the walk in clinic. It is always fun explain my history to a new doctor. I was actually in and out of there in under 20 minutes (we showed up when it opened). My throat was inflamed and my lymphe nodes swollen, but rapid strep came back negative. Given the fact I am so obviously sick, it will take the 48 hour test an extra day (because its a Sunday), and I have AP test tomorrow and the next day the doctor prescribed me a Z-Pack of antibiotics.
My Day in a Nutshell

So here's to hoping that the antibiotics clear up what ever it is I have by tomorrow morning in time for the AP exam! Just another reason me and my immune system ore not on speaking terms.

Heatable Hooty!

A while back I saw someone post a picture of a microwavable owl heat pack on Facebook. I decided I would look into it last week. Off to my favorite website, Amazon. I quickly found what I was looking for. It came in red (Go Temple Owls!) , better yet. I ordered one and it arrived on Friday!

I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't stay hot for a long time, but after I stuck it in the microwave for 90 seconds it stayed really hot for about a half hour, and pretty warm for another half hour! It also smells like lavender! Plus it looks like a stuffed animal and not a heat pack, and will look adorable in my dorm room next year(I have my priorities). I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a heat pack.

Disclaimer: I received no financial compensation or free products for any of the above reviews. 

3 Months Post Op!

I can not believe the surgery was only three months ago. My hip is doing amazing. There are times where it aches but mostly it doesn't hurt. I can actually touch my toes again!

I was worried going in to this surgery, my knee surgery did not work out great. Honestly I am nervous about the next hip surgery as well, but I am hoping because this surgery will be just as successful.

I can drive for over an hour now! My hip no longer clicks! The most important thing this surgery has given back to me is hope. I was starting to loose it. After years of pain and no answers I was struggling to keep going each day. Now I have had such a turn around, successful surgery and working medications. I am so excited to start college on a positive note!