1 Week Post Op!!!

I survived the first week! Funny how my head was a bigger problem then my hip. At one week my hip feels great!

Today I went to school for 3 hours, it was really tiring, but I made it. It was the first time I was crutching a lot since surgery and I had forgot how much I hate crutches. Although my hate might have grown on account of my other joints making it harder. Both knees have been bugging me. My left knee had been doing really well since the Euflexxa but now that it has to compensate it is NOT happy. After all I went through with the Euflexxa injection my knee better hold up till the end of this recovery! My right knee has also been annoying me, it really does not like the CPM machine, also the during the surgery the whole leg is pulled on through the foot which can cause knee pain. And my shoulders are freaking out with the whole crutches thing, and my hands(thumbs) and not excited either. In fact today I was having trouble holding a cup the regular way so I had to use two hands and switch my grip.

My right hip might actually be the least painful of all my problematic joints right now!

The amazing view I have for 6 hours a day!

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