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Roar 2013

As I did with last year I choose a song to describe this past year, Roar by Katy Perry. When I saw the lip dub done by a Children's Hospital I instantly felt connected to the kids. The song talks about constantly being pushed down but getting up and being even stronger than before. I was pushed down a lot during this past year but I would like to think I am stronger for it.

Looking back on 2013 there were a lot of bad things: 2 hip surgeries, an ER visit, and multiple life changing diagnoses. In the end there was way more good things: senior prom, high school graduation, starting college at my dream school, and amazing times with amazing friends. Even with all I have been through I would not want to change anything of the past year, because without the bad I might not appreciate the good. (Although I wouldn't mind having a few less doctors appointments in 2014!)

So here is to 2014!

Celiac Disease

Two little words that mean yet again my immune system still hates me. Apparently attacking my joints and eyes was not enough so it decided to also attack my small intestines. At least after months of stomach pain, more vomiting than I care for, a late night ER trip, a couple blood test, the mis-diagnosis of gastitis, and finally an endoscopy there maybe an answer for my symptoms.

Yes, I said maybe. As with everything test I have done of course nothing came back clear. 3/6 of the biopsies of my small intestines had signs of Celiac and my Celiac panel came abnormal but not negative. Between my abnormalities and symptoms my GI decided I probably have Celiac Disease and need to start a strict gluten free diet and in six months I need to have another endoscopy to see if my small intestines are healing.

While I generally try to avoid anesthesia (not doing such a great job of that this year), the endoscopy was actually not that bad. They didn't even put the IV in m arm until I was out an…