Post Op Day 2 and 3

Post Op Day 2

We receive a phone call saying that I have hit my annual cap for insurance.  Cue major freak out. Well then I found out it is just PT they are cutting off, which is still not ok but not quite as scary. My PT said he will work with us to make sure I can still see him and I plan on fighting the insurance company because we are not supposed to have a PT cap, and someone told me it is illegal to have one in the state of CT, so if anyone knows information on that please share.

I still had my first PT appointment as planned. My PT was very happy with where I am at and said I look more like 2 weeks post op not 2 days. I was told to do glute sets, modified pelvic tilts, and my all time favorite exercise (cue lots of sarcasm)... quad sets. I cannot wait until I am allowed to weight bear more so I can stop the table exercises. All was ok though because I got to end with ice and stim.

I even somehow managed to go to my friend's house for s'mores. I am not quite sure how I survived all that, but it felt nice to get out.
They also made Ramen in a Pot.

Post Op Day 3

I think I have been paying for overdoing it now. I am completely exhausted! I slept all morning in the CPM. My brother took me out for lunch, but I was like in a daze the whole time. Now I am back to napping and CPMing, and later my friend is coming over.


Left Hip Scope Surgery and Day 1 Post Op

I am home from the hospital from hip surgery number two! I probably wouldn't of stayed over night except my surgery wasn't till 3:30 pm.

The big discussion pre-op was what kind of anesthesia I should get because I got a spinal headache from the spinal block last time. My OS was still adamant that he thought I should avoid the general. I was also really scared about the general because I had been told it meant I would need to be intubated which I did not want.

When I talked to the anesthesiologist he had a very different take on the situation, he said I had a very high risk of getting a spinal headache again because I am above normal height, I am a teenage girl, and I had a spinal headache four months ago. He said if I had a general I may have of miserable night, but that would be compared to three or four miserable days if I got a spinal headache. He also used an IV only version of the anesthesia instead of gas which reduces nausea, plus the fact I do not get nausea from pain meds means I am less likely to get nausea from general anesthesia. The IV instead of gas also meant I did not have to be intubated which was my biggest fear. So I ended up choosing the general IV anesthesia at the recommendation of the anesthesiologist .

Pre-Op Selfie
Before Surgery they also checked to make sure the brace and CPM were the right size, which was good because like last time the waste part of the brace was too big. A PT also made sure I could walk with crutches, which was really good because they let me out of bed to use the bathroom before I saw a PT after surgery unlike last time.
Post Op Selfie

I had expected to be even groggier when I woke up from surgery than normal because of the general anesthesia but I was actually more alert than in the past. I also thought I would be in more pain but I wasn't, plus my mouth was not super dry. Also no one made me eat more than some crackers before giving me pain meds which made me really happy because I am usually not hungry right after surgery.

View from my Room at Night
Post op day one was filled with the typical parade of people. All the different pediatricians and PTs.

When my OS came in he explained that while he did shave some bone and remove two bone spurs to fix FAI and he debride the Labral tear, the main issue was actually the inflammation, which he removed and biopsied to check for JIA/JRA. From what everyone was saying it sounds like JRA is now on my chart. I will have to see what my rheumy says about everything when I see her mid July.

My other concern is my foot/ankle are sore, and the PA confirmed it was just from the traction like I had thought, but then I noticed that there is a black and blue bump on my foot where it hurts, so I will show that to my PT when I see him tomorrow.
If you are cool enough to bleed through two band aids when you get your  IV taken out you get a pretty gauze pad under the third one!

Overall I am doing pretty well for one day post op, I am writing this as I am in the CPM machine, although I forgot how painful the brace is, I had stop taking pain pills but after being in the brace during the car ride home I needed one.


I am a high school graduate! I can not believe I actually survived senior year, it has been a trying one. This whole weekend has been amazing. Since I am really exhausted I am going to just post pictures.

I am so proud of my cap, I free handed it!

So Ready!

Waiting to get in to the all night Post Graduation Party!

Relaxing at a Post Post Graduation Party Party!
And tomorrow is the scope on my left hip. I am so excited to get to the other side of this surgery, and can not wait to be back on Voltaren. Have I mentioned how much I love Voltaren recently?

Life Without Medication

Today is the first day of my two weeks without any medication, I had to go through this before my other hip surgery as well but I do not remember it being quite this painful and horrible. So here are some tips on how I have been surviving (just barely) without my precious Voltaren.

Tylenol Arthritis
Although I actually have discovered I like the Walgreens brand better. The Walgreens brand bottle hads and easy to open cap instead of a childproof one, so when my wrist flared I could still open it with my one usable hand.

Heat Pads!
My favorite things ever. I know cold is better for swollen joints but heat feels so good and kick's stiffness' butt.

My Amazing Heat Pads
Plus you can't go wrong with a red owl right?

Hot Baths
I love hot baths, they are amazing. They just make everything feel better. Nuff said.

On another note I really like some of the health tracking apps on my new iPhone, so soon I may make a post with some of those.

The Swollen Wrist

This morning I woke up to a red painful swollen wrist. My right wrist was not happy or useable for the better part of the morning. Of course my mom wanted to make a rheumatologist appointment for this week but I really did not think it is worth it. Since I am now in the 2 week period before my hip surgery I can not take anything but Tylenol anyway (no voltaren or fancy cream), so there is not a whole lot that can be done. We finally settled on me going to my GP (for the 2nd time in one week as I had a pre-op appointment with him on Monday), and I took a picture so I can show my rheumy at my next appointment.

I managed to get an appointment at 11AM because my GP was in the office this Saturday. By the time of the appointment my wrist looked pretty normal, although I had the picture so he could see something was up. He had it x-rayed just to rule out any issues non rheumatology related, and as we both guessed the x-rays came out normal.
My Lovely Wrist this Morning

I was left with the advise to call me rheumy Monday. He also said it was good I took a picture. So basicly next time something like that happens I will just take a picture to show my rheumy (which is what I had wanted to do in the first place).

Top 5 Things I do While I Wait

I spend a lot of time in doctors offices waiting so I decided to make a list of things I tend to do while in them (in no particular order). Just so you know how much time I spend, in the month of July I currently have 4 appointment scheduled plus I need to schedule one with my opthamologist.

1. Catching up on school reading. I think the sole reason I was ahead of everyone in English in terms of reading was because of the shear amount of time I spent in waiting rooms.

2. Making flash cards or work on AP Bio labs. Pretty much every flash card I made over the course of senior year was made somewhere in Hospital for Special Surgery.

3. Steal my mom's iPad. The only time she lets me use her iPad is while waiting for doctors, which is more often than before, it used to be only the morning before surgery. (The first time I used it I was waiting for knee surgery)

4. Try to figure out exactly where at HSS there is cell service. I should actually make a map of the T-Mobile hotspots at HSS. The floors 1-4 all seem good, I am still figuring out 5 (it is pediatrics but peds rheumatology just moved there after the renovation), on the 6th floor part of the ortho waiting room has service and half does not and some of the exam rooms do, I have yet to find a good spot on the 7th floor, but floor 9 seems ok, I actually don't think I have ever been on 8, 10, or 11. As an added bonus the PT center in the belaire HSS building does not have service.

5. Trying to figure out why other people are there. This game works best in the radiology waiting room or the peds one, as there is more of a variety of people. Although it does not work great in my opthamologist office, it is the only one on this list I can do after my eyes get dilated (4 is out because it is not at HSS)

Prom and Internship

Senior year is coming to an end, and with that comes senior prom. As I stated in a previous post I decided on my shoes without taking my joints into account, which is the way I should be able to (but was not smart). Even though my shoes fit me last week I struggled to get my toes into them Saturday. By the end of the night my feet killed, although anyone who wore shoes like mine would probably of had sore feet by the end of the night.

My left knee did not do well, it is the only joint that really can not under any circumstances handle heels, even when my meds seem to be working. It gets clucky and catches and clicks and pops (although the last time I wore heels was over 10 months ago). I put some fancy cream on both my left hip and my right knee before I attempted to dance. I did manage a little dancing which was nice.
At after prom at my friend's house we went in a hot tub which really helped calm my joints. The whole night was actually amazing and better than I could have ever imagined it would be. I think I only got about 3 hours of sleep, but it was worth it.

Today it was back to real life. I had to go to the preschool where I am interning (I actually love it there but was exhausted). Around 10 or so my hips started killing me, it was rainy today but when the weather affects my joints I can usually feel it either before/when it gets cloudy or when I get up in the morning, so mid-day mid-storm is weird. I think part of the problem was my lack of sleep. It did get a bit better thankfully. Since after internship I was nannying for a 3 and 5 year old, and after that I babysat for kids ages 5,9, and 11 (also their 13 year old sister was home but studying for the New York Regents, which is why they hired me so she could study). So after caring for children for 14 hours I am finally home.