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Surgery Day

I arrived at HSS at 6 am and was brought back to pre-op. My medical history was taken, IV started, yadda yadda ya. All the my different doctors and residents came to talk to me, then it was off to the OR.

Instead of taking 1.5-2 hours the surgery took over 3 hours, I was out for over 4 hours. I woke up in quite a bit of pain because the spinal had worn off quite a bit since I had been under for so long. I had to eat half a cheese sandwich before I could take any pain meds. At this point my mouth was really dry (it is still pretty dry),  but I also really wanted the pain meds. So I ate the stupid sandwich, sipping juice in between each bite and the nurse was like "wow you are really hungry" I really wanted to shout at her "No I just really want the pills!" but I used my better judgment and did not. Finally she handed over the meds but I think they didn't do much so she gave another kind as well. I was in a lot of pain at this point. I also want to say the hospital rabbi came by at this point but the nurse manage to get him away. No offence but how many people want a chaplain to be the first person they see after surgery?

Finally at some point my mom came into the recovery room. Then my OS's PA came in but I was surprised when she came because she was a new PA, not the one I expect. I later learned the old PA moved away and it was the new one's 2nd day by herself. Anyway at some point my aunt switched with my mom and then later yet they left for a while to go get lunch. Sometime while I was in the recovery room my OS came and told me that my hip was in worse shape then he had thought but on the good side there was absolutely no signs of arthritis (no one thought there was in my hips but confirmation in always welcome). Also during my time in recovery it was decided I would stay overnight. After spending over five hours in the recovery room (the beds on both sides of me turned over three times while I was there) I was finally transferred to the pediatrics unit.

In the pediatrics unit I had the best nurse. I was also given a pain pump which really helped get the pain under control. They also gave me dinner, which was chicken nuggets and fries, I don't think anyone comes out of surgery and says "lets go eat some fried food." I tried to eat some of the roll but my mouth was still too dry and since there was no pain meds at stake this time I gave up and stuck to the vanilla pudding. After some time on the CPM machine and Bunheads I went to sleep.

The medieval torture device, I mean CPM machine. 
I only was able to sleep in about hour increments, I would sleep then go on my cell or my mom's I-pad a little then back to sleep. At one point I watched the Colbert Report.

I was going to write about today but I am just too tired so I will write tomorrow.


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