3 Weeks Post Op

I am down to one crutch! There is such a greater level of independence with one crutch then two, like I can hold my coffee/tea by my self.
The simple joy of carrying your own cup!

My PT is very happy with where I am at. I am in no hip pain. My PT is actually worried about me overdoing it, which is a problem I never had with my knee surgery. In fact this whole recovery process has been like day and night to last year's. I feel very confident in my ability to walk on my hip (even over a year later I am not sure I can say this about my knee) I also am in no pain (which I can NOT say right now about my knees).

To make up for the lack of pain in my right hip, my left hip as well as my knees and shoulders have been acting up a ton! I am hoping to be completely off crutches by next week, and hopefully that will help my other joints calm down.

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