To Take Relafen or Not To Take Relafen?

That is the question I am currently grappling with. (No I have not forgotten that I am 4 weeks post op but since I won't have an exciting update on that until tomorrow I decided not to bore you)

Today I had a rheumatologist appointment. It was pretty routine. My left elbow hurt during the exam and that was not expected but has never hurt before or after so I am going to try not to worry about that. She commented on how much better my ROM was in my operated hip then my un-operated one. My last set of Lyme tests came back negative, so we have finally ruled out Lyme after the one false positive.

Since my most problematic of my joints currently are my shoulders and my knees, which could just be acting up from the hip surgery as well the crutches, she wanted to wait to re-evaluate when I have been off crutches for a little while to see if they calm down.

On to the Relafen thing. I told her about the fun side affects I had from Naproxen and she said I could go back on Relafen if I wanted to. But comparing the risks to the benefits, I am not sure it really helped at all. She left the decision completely up to me. I decided against it for now, if I don't think it is making a difference I really don't want to subject my body and stomach to it. She also said that is I change my mind I should just call her and she will call a prescription in for me and I just need to get another liver function test, so that help me make my decision, since I can always start Relafen again.

I go back in 2 months, which mean I will not be going to Hospital for Special Surgery again for 4 weeks, that must be my personal record since I started going back in September.

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