5 Weeks Post Op

My life is almost normal. I am done with crutches (for now but I will take that)! My PT is very happy with my flexibility and ROM. I can not believe I am walking on the same hip I was 6 weeks ago, it really is amazing. I also get to go back to work this week! I am so excited, I love my job so much and I have really missed it!

Although since I am me one joint could not do this well without another one having a complete fit. Actually a few having fits. My knees are out to get me, they are! My right one swells anytime I use a exercise bike and well my left knee was the joint that started this whole mess. My OS was hoping that the knee pain was mostly referred pain and would be fixed when I had hip surgery. I am here to say that as my right hip is pain free my right knee is doing the worst it has ever done!

At least my shoulders seem a bit happier than they did when I was on crutches, although that is not a high bar. Putting my hair in a pony tail still takes more skill than it should.

As far as Relafen is concerned I think I am going to start taking it again, although my mom wants me to try to wait until after my next opthamologist appointment to see if it is affecting the Uveitis. Which brings me to the last thing, in the last week my eye(s) have been bugging me and I am not sure is I got something stuck in it or it is a symptom that I should be worried about. This is kind of scary so I really hope everything's ok. In two and a half weeks my eyes get checked anyway so I am not going to freak out till then.

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