Sick and Flaring...

Because I am me, I could not go a full 2 weeks without a doctor's appointment. Over the weekend I started to get a cold, the worst of it was Monday night.

Tuesday I was feeling pretty lethargic and my knees were really killing me so I just went to PT in the morning but not school. Today I decided I really needed to go to school ignoring the fact I could barely walk, well I made it 45 minutes before I went home sick.

I went to see my primary care doctor. He just suggested I go on Relafen for a few days.

My OS wants me to go back on an NSAID as well, but did not clarify which one. He is also sending me a script for PT for my knees. I ave no faith in PT to help my knees at this all. It is not that I am not willing to try PT, it is just I have done so much PT for my knee and not seen a ton of improvement.

I want to talk to my rheumy, but yesterday she wasn't there, so I only got to talk to the covering one, and today the phones were down or something because they were moving from the rheumatology floor to the pediatrics floor.

The other issue is my knees have really been holding me back in recovery from my hip surgery. Yesterday I had to stop doing exercises because of my knees. This is really frustrating. I am afraid if I don't get my hip strong mow it will be a lot harder to do in the future.

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