4.5 Weeks Post Op (aka I am a bit late on the 4 weeks post)

On Monday I hit the 4 week mark, so that makes now 4.5 weeks. My hip still feels really great. Its amazing to think a few weeks ago my hip constantly hurt and now I forget I had surgery on a regular basis. I can not wait to no longer have pain in my other hip too.

On Tuesday I got the ok from my PT to walk without any crutches at home, but not school which was disappointing. I had another appointment yesterday and asked again and was given a lecture about how I just had a major hip surgery and need to slow down. I was told if I argued again he would e-mail my mom, so that was the end of that and I am stuck with one crutch for a bit longer.

I also got an exercise bike as my OS suggested at my last appointment.

Today I spent 15 minutes on it, which is 5 more than I usually spend on the bike at PT, and my right knee blew up, which is always lovely. The irony of it is the reason my OS suggested the bike was because my knee was swelling when I used the CPM machine. I think the truth is my knee just hates me and it had nothing to do with the CPM machine. Next time I use it I will just wear a compression sleeve on it, because I really do need to strengthen both my legs.

Fun fact time, even after over a month on crutches not using my right leg that much, it is still more muscular(well less atrophied is more accurate) than my left leg. My goal is to get my left leg stronger before I have surgery on that hip. 

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