6 Weeks Post Op

Today marks week six, and besides for the scars and PT my life is pretty much back to normal, just with one less painful joint, which is great.

My knees have been really bad for the past few days so it has been hard to use the exercise. Plus I started gym class, and I can't participate so I get to walk laps around the gym by myself.

Tomorrow it is supposed to snow, so I think that is making my flare worse, killing my knees even more so. I spent one of my free periods today lying in the nurses office with ice packs on my knees and shoulders.

On top of everything else I have a terrible cold. I think I am going to stay home from school tomorrow, although I still have a 6:45am PT appointment that I need to go to and I will have to go in during my free period since I need to plant seeds for my AP Bio research project.

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