Passover and Clear Eyes

Yesterday was the first night of Passover and there was about 35 people at my house for a Seder, since I live in a split level house, our living room (where we ate) and our kitchen are half a flight of stairs apart. Bringing food and plates and what ever else up and down said stairs really took a toll on my already flaring joints.
Happy Passover!

Since I wrote on Thursday the flare got worse on Friday and Saturday but started to get better Sunday. Well the whole Passover thing threw that away. Now my shoulders are deadish, my knees are just slightly better. 

Also Friday was like the first time since about 1 week post op I had any pain in my right hip, which is pretty good I guess. I think it was just trigger by my hips trying to make up for my knees. Also my knees are completely holding me back from getting farther in hip surgery recovery which is really frustrating.

Today I got up really early to go see the eye specialist to check for uveitis, and for some reason I had a pit in my stomach thinking about this appointment. I have a ridiculous issue with eye drops, even though I was told that I would only need to get my eyes dilated if there were signs of inflammation I was totally freaking out. Just thinking about eye drops right now makes me cringe. So I was filled with relief when I heard my eyes were clear. I just need to go back again in June or July, although the doctor said he won't dilate my eyes then either (unless of course there in inflammation).

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