I am Taking Back Shoes!

A year ago I only owned one pair of sneakers, they where the shape-up sneaker (you know the ones that supposedly helped you tone your muscles). Well on day 1 of PT after knee surgery I was told they were off limits, since they did not teach someone who was relearning to walk how to walk properly. Normal people might have bought new sneakers then, but I did not, I just wore converse instead.

Fast forward to my last day of PT, I was told converse were bad too, they were hurting my balance, in fact maybe I should just chuck all of my shoes and get a real pair of sneakers. Well I did that, for months I wore sneakers about six out of seven days a week. I missed my moccasins, uggs, and variety of flats. Shoes can make or break an outfit, no skirt looks good with sneakers. 

As boots came into fashion this year I tried to ignore the whole trend, even though I desperately wanted a pair, but why buy something you will never wear? When my aunt asked me what I wanted for my birthday I could not resist any longer I said boots. I decided after 10 long months I am done with sneakers.

So on Black Friday we set out to find boots (no we did not wake up early but instead waited until right before lunch when most of the crowds had died down).

The Amazing Boots
After finding the perfect pair  realize how much I love shoes. My sneakers are going in the back of my closet and may come out again on a bad day, but I am done with them. Maybe I will get inserts (maybe not), but my joints are done controlling my footwear choices.

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