Please, Don't Give Me Any More Advice!

"Have you been tested for Lyme? Did you send your test results to a lab here or in California? You know, 30% of all test come back negative and are really positive, but this lab in California is much more reliable, they caught mine. I will tell your mother about the lab."

"Have you seen a chiropractor yet? Maybe your back is causing the problems, a chiropractor could give you exercises to help."

One more unsolicited piece of medical advice may just push me over the edge. After spending all day with family for my birthday, I am ready to deck someone. I know they all care and are just looking out for me, but at the same time can we talk about something else please?

When someone has at least one doctor's appointment a week, chances are they really do not want to talk about anything medical related unless they bring it up. Between different doctors and PTs there are already enough opinions floating around in their heads, they do not need another one.

Unsolicited medical advice tends to fall into one of two, the 'not exactly true/ I have known that for years' category  or the 'I am pretty sure you are crazy' category or if you are really lucky it could fit in both.

Not exactly true/ I have known that for years- This encoumpasses all common knowlege advice such as "multiple joints could mean there is something systemic." Yes it does, since you realize this the doctor has also, not so shockingly, came to this conclusion. Some of these statements aren't always factual either, such as the "maybe it is a nerve problem," thanks but no thanks, pretty sure that cartilage damage on the MRI proved otherwise.

I am pretty sure you are crazy- This sums up what I will think if you suggest I participate is a healing circle or any activity of that nature. Yes I will probably agree to it, but if you perform reiki on me I will sit there than entire time trying to figure out how to get out of 'trying' it again without offending you. So if you do believe reiki or healing circles work, I am very happy they helped you, but if you suggested it to someone else, just because they are too polite to say they think you are crazy does not mean they aren't thinking it.

So next time you want to put in your two cents on someones medical mystery please consider if they really will find it helpful or want to hear it, because being constantly given advice can do more harm than good to someone's mental health.

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