Rheumatologist Appointment Conquered!

Yesterday I spent a whopping three hours at HSS. I really liked the Rheumatologist, she was on time and spent over 45 minutes with me! I never felt she was rushing, she asked me to tell her about everything from the beginning, then she did an exam.

There was no diagnosis. She sent me for blood test to look for Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA) and other auto-immune diseases. I was also sent to an opthamologist to check my eyes for signs of arthritis, and I will have to go every three months until RA is ruled out. Also I was prescribed some stronger anti-inflammatories along with medicine to protect my stomach from them. And then I was sent for a right hand x-ray because a few of my fingers started hurting last week.

For the hand x-ray I got to wait in the pediatrics waiting area, which is much more awesome than the others. First off it was colorful, filled with purples and greens, instead of the usual shades of grey and beige. Plus there are both adorable babies and adorable guys my age waiting there, big improvement over people about 50 years older than me. Also the x-ray tech was a lot better than the last one I had. So overall I like the pediatrics radiology department much more than the regular one (even though the wait was about three times longer).

After the we finished my mom and I went over to Tiffany's on 5th Ave. to meet my cousin from England and her mom. She was there to pick out wedding bands for her and her fiance, so that was fun. Plus as soon as Thanksgiving is over NYC starts gearing up for Christmas, so there were decorations all over 5th Ave.

Christmas Tree @ Tiffany's
However the whole day was rather exhausting. Thankfully I got an early dismissal from school today so now I plan on sleeping!

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