Euflexxa- 3rd Time's the Charm

I am done with euflexxa injections!!

First thing I did today at HSS was go for right hip x-rays. Worst x-ray experience of my life. The x-ray tech kept trying to move my hip in ways it doesn't move, if it did move that way I would not have been there getting x-rays!

Then it was off to the OS's office where the PA came in and asked me how I felt after the last injection and I told her I had the same symptoms as after the first she decided to talk to the OS before doing the injection. He came in to the exam room and asked me more about my symptoms, and told me while he had seen plenty of local reactions to euflexxa he had never seen a systematic one in about 5,000 injections. Apparently I am special. It was decided that it was worth doing the last injection even with the side effects. 

There was a little less pain during the injection than the first two times, but the ten minutes after hurt a lot more than any of the injections, the first hour was just really painful in general. Now it is much more tolerable although still more pain than at this point after either of the other injection. Since this injection was later in the day than the others I haven't quite started feeling the side effects yet, so now I am just waiting for them to set in and in two weeks will hopefully start to feel improvement. 

The plan as it lies now is to see the rheumatologist in two weeks, and in four weeks I am getting a diagnostic injection in my right hip (just anesthetics no cortisone this time) and will have a follow up with the OS. Hoping the rheumatologist doesn't find anything, the euflexxa works (and with any luck when my left knee improve so will that hip since the hope is I will rely on it less), and the hip injection confirms surgery will help we will schedule right hip surgery.

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