Euflexxa Two out of Three Done

Yesterday I had my second euflexxa injection (supposed to be third but Hurricane Sandy screwed that up...not that I am bitter or anything). My last one is next week.

The appointment did not take long, only about five minutes. My knee was sterilized, "numbed", and then I got the injection, which hurt as much as last time but at least I wasn't blindsided by the pain this time. After the injection my knee was more painful and stiff than last time. Even today I can't stand on it while it is extended.

In other news I finished my six weeks of PT this morning, but I am sure I will be back in PT soon. And three weeks till the rheumatologist appointment.

Update- I totally forgot to write about how I am feeling now...which is not good. I feel sick again, exactly the same as after my 1st injection. Even though I was told that is was just a coincidence I got sick after the injection I am sure it is not now, but since I only have one left and last time I was only sick for about two days I am just going to stock up on tylenol. These shots better be worth it.

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