Top 5 Things I do While I Wait

I spend a lot of time in doctors offices waiting so I decided to make a list of things I tend to do while in them (in no particular order). Just so you know how much time I spend, in the month of July I currently have 4 appointment scheduled plus I need to schedule one with my opthamologist.

1. Catching up on school reading. I think the sole reason I was ahead of everyone in English in terms of reading was because of the shear amount of time I spent in waiting rooms.

2. Making flash cards or work on AP Bio labs. Pretty much every flash card I made over the course of senior year was made somewhere in Hospital for Special Surgery.

3. Steal my mom's iPad. The only time she lets me use her iPad is while waiting for doctors, which is more often than before, it used to be only the morning before surgery. (The first time I used it I was waiting for knee surgery)

4. Try to figure out exactly where at HSS there is cell service. I should actually make a map of the T-Mobile hotspots at HSS. The floors 1-4 all seem good, I am still figuring out 5 (it is pediatrics but peds rheumatology just moved there after the renovation), on the 6th floor part of the ortho waiting room has service and half does not and some of the exam rooms do, I have yet to find a good spot on the 7th floor, but floor 9 seems ok, I actually don't think I have ever been on 8, 10, or 11. As an added bonus the PT center in the belaire HSS building does not have service.

5. Trying to figure out why other people are there. This game works best in the radiology waiting room or the peds one, as there is more of a variety of people. Although it does not work great in my opthamologist office, it is the only one on this list I can do after my eyes get dilated (4 is out because it is not at HSS)

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