Prom and Internship

Senior year is coming to an end, and with that comes senior prom. As I stated in a previous post I decided on my shoes without taking my joints into account, which is the way I should be able to (but was not smart). Even though my shoes fit me last week I struggled to get my toes into them Saturday. By the end of the night my feet killed, although anyone who wore shoes like mine would probably of had sore feet by the end of the night.

My left knee did not do well, it is the only joint that really can not under any circumstances handle heels, even when my meds seem to be working. It gets clucky and catches and clicks and pops (although the last time I wore heels was over 10 months ago). I put some fancy cream on both my left hip and my right knee before I attempted to dance. I did manage a little dancing which was nice.
At after prom at my friend's house we went in a hot tub which really helped calm my joints. The whole night was actually amazing and better than I could have ever imagined it would be. I think I only got about 3 hours of sleep, but it was worth it.

Today it was back to real life. I had to go to the preschool where I am interning (I actually love it there but was exhausted). Around 10 or so my hips started killing me, it was rainy today but when the weather affects my joints I can usually feel it either before/when it gets cloudy or when I get up in the morning, so mid-day mid-storm is weird. I think part of the problem was my lack of sleep. It did get a bit better thankfully. Since after internship I was nannying for a 3 and 5 year old, and after that I babysat for kids ages 5,9, and 11 (also their 13 year old sister was home but studying for the New York Regents, which is why they hired me so she could study). So after caring for children for 14 hours I am finally home.

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  1. Aw beautiful photo! Although the heels hurt, glad you were still able to have a wonderful time! :)