Life Without Medication

Today is the first day of my two weeks without any medication, I had to go through this before my other hip surgery as well but I do not remember it being quite this painful and horrible. So here are some tips on how I have been surviving (just barely) without my precious Voltaren.

Tylenol Arthritis
Although I actually have discovered I like the Walgreens brand better. The Walgreens brand bottle hads and easy to open cap instead of a childproof one, so when my wrist flared I could still open it with my one usable hand.

Heat Pads!
My favorite things ever. I know cold is better for swollen joints but heat feels so good and kick's stiffness' butt.

My Amazing Heat Pads
Plus you can't go wrong with a red owl right?

Hot Baths
I love hot baths, they are amazing. They just make everything feel better. Nuff said.

On another note I really like some of the health tracking apps on my new iPhone, so soon I may make a post with some of those.

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