Post Op Day 2 and 3

Post Op Day 2

We receive a phone call saying that I have hit my annual cap for insurance.  Cue major freak out. Well then I found out it is just PT they are cutting off, which is still not ok but not quite as scary. My PT said he will work with us to make sure I can still see him and I plan on fighting the insurance company because we are not supposed to have a PT cap, and someone told me it is illegal to have one in the state of CT, so if anyone knows information on that please share.

I still had my first PT appointment as planned. My PT was very happy with where I am at and said I look more like 2 weeks post op not 2 days. I was told to do glute sets, modified pelvic tilts, and my all time favorite exercise (cue lots of sarcasm)... quad sets. I cannot wait until I am allowed to weight bear more so I can stop the table exercises. All was ok though because I got to end with ice and stim.

I even somehow managed to go to my friend's house for s'mores. I am not quite sure how I survived all that, but it felt nice to get out.
They also made Ramen in a Pot.

Post Op Day 3

I think I have been paying for overdoing it now. I am completely exhausted! I slept all morning in the CPM. My brother took me out for lunch, but I was like in a daze the whole time. Now I am back to napping and CPMing, and later my friend is coming over.


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