I am not sure if I actually had strep, but since no one ever called with the results of the 48 hour test I guess I didn't. Whatever I had was zapped by the antibiotics thankfully. I was a bit off still when taking the AP Bio exam, but by the time I took AP Gov I felt pretty normal. My left hip did not like sitting through the 4 hour AP tests at all. My hands hurt a little during the test but I think it was just because of the insane amounts of writing. I actually survive my AP tests, and with that me senior year.

This past week I stated my senior internship at a preschool. I also started a two week long nanny job on Friday. That meant I was watching little kids from 8 am to 6 pm. My hips actually did well, the left one was a little painful around 4ish but I just sat down for a little while, as the 2 little boys played on swings. Notice how it is always my left hip giving me problems lately, I really can't wait to get it fixed (well except for the spending my summer on crutches part).

So that is the update on my life barring to many medical details. On Monday I have a rheumy appointment and on Tuesday I have an OS appointment as well as an appointment with the HSS PT (which hopefully will not be a total waste of time like it was last time).

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