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2 Days of Appointments

Yesterday afternoon I went to the rheumatologist, then today I had x-rays, then OS, then the PT from HSS.

I will start with the rheumy appointment. It was actually pretty uneventful because I am doing pretty well right now finally. The one thing we discussed was lowering the dose of Voltaren because of some GI issues. I am pretty reluctant to mess with the Voltaren at the moment, between my internship at a preschool, my nannying job, and prom coming up I really do not have the time/energy for a flare (not that it makes a difference). Since I have to stop 2 weeks before my hip surgery anyway I am waiting until after then to change anything.

I was also given copies of my blood work from a week ago to give to the OS, so with any luck I could not have to get more pre-op blood test. Apparently they need blood tests from 30 or less before surgery, so the last test misses the window, but it was worth a try.

At my OS appointment appointment we talked about the issues I had with the last surgery and how to deal with them this time.

Problem: I got a horrible spinal headache about 3 days post op.
Solution: I will have a pediatric anesthesiologist and I will be given a prescription for the headache medication when I am give all the other medication scrips(instead of waiting to get a headache.

Problem: Naproxen started to burn my throat and I can only be on one NSAID at a time (which means if I am on Naproxen I can not be on Voltaren).
Solution: I will still have to take the standard NSAID for the prevention of bone growth for the first 5 days after surgery, but I can then restart the Voltaren, and skip the Naproxen all together.

Problem: My shoulders sometimes get painful and they struggled with crutches.
Solution: Forearm crutches instead of underarm crutches.

Any ideas on how to decorate these?
*Bonus Solution* (This does not have to do with the surgery)

Problem: Voltaren is giving my GI issues but I am reluctant to lower my doses because it is actually working.
Solution: OS prescribed a cream form of Voltaren, so if I have an issue when I lower my dose  (or even before then) I can put it on the painful joint and it will target it more, and bypass my GI track.

All in all my OS appointment was very productive. Then we went to the PT, he was very happy with my progress and the improvement in the strength of my right  hip. We practiced using the new crutches, which require a bit more balance, but were ok. That was pretty much it for that since my exercises seem pretty good for now.

So over 4 hours after getting to HSS I finally got to go home (or well back to my internship anyway).


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