Anti-inflammatory Pain Cream

My new NSAID cream came in the mail today, it is very fancy and actually contains 5 active ingredients. What is really cool is it came with a sheet that explained how each one works.

Note: most of the below explanations come from previously mentioned sheet (which is why they sound so intelligent.

Diclofenac: (The brand name of the oral from in Voltaren, aka my favorite NSAID cause I am cool enough to have a favorite NSAID) If you haven't guessed by all the stuff in the parentheses, it is an NSAID, and as the cool sheet says, it works by blocking the arachodonic pathways of the inflammation ( I really wish I actually knew what this meant, maybe I will google it)

Baclofen: A muscle relaxant and anti-spasmodic that reduces the neurotransmitter release from pain receptors generating ectopic impulses. (I understood everything except the second to last word, not bad)

Cyclobenzaprine: A muscle relaxant that helps control muscle spasms and tightness residing in the area of localized pain. (I understood all of that without any help from google!)

Piroxicam: Another NSAID, works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation. (I understand two in a row!)

Tetracaine: A local anesthetic to numb the site of the pain by blocking sodium channels. (Thanks to AP Bio I understand this explanation too!)

Of course I needed to test out this fancy cram right away so my dad got me latex type gloves (you are supposed to wear glove to make sure the joint gets the medicine and not your hand!) And I put it on my left hip!
The Gloves and 2 Bottles of the Fancy Cream
My Hand with the Sexy Glove and 1 'Dose' of Fancy Cream

I figure I would stick to one joint for now to see how it works. I am going to try to put it on for the recommended 3-4 times a day. It has a slight bio-freeze/ben-gay smell. I will update soon on how it works.

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