Heatable Hooty!

A while back I saw someone post a picture of a microwavable owl heat pack on Facebook. I decided I would look into it last week. Off to my favorite website, Amazon. I quickly found what I was looking for. It came in red (Go Temple Owls!) , better yet. I ordered one and it arrived on Friday!

I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't stay hot for a long time, but after I stuck it in the microwave for 90 seconds it stayed really hot for about a half hour, and pretty warm for another half hour! It also smells like lavender! Plus it looks like a stuffed animal and not a heat pack, and will look adorable in my dorm room next year(I have my priorities). I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a heat pack.

Disclaimer: I received no financial compensation or free products for any of the above reviews.