Cold Gets Colder

I haven't mentioned much about the doctors appointments I had last week yet so I thought I would elaborate.

I mentioned to my new PCP how my hands get really cold, like to the point it is painful and they are a different color. I had thought he would have said it is just poor circulation, but instead he said it was probably Raynaud's which was probably related to what ever autoimmune disease I may have.

Totally forgot to mention this to my Rheumatologist the next day. Anyway Wednesday she had called and said she was not sure I should have hip surgery but I needed to stop my medications right away because of the surgery. Anyway she talked to my OS and everything got cleared up I guess because she seemed less worried Thursday. Although she went over the fact that if there was an autoimmune condition the surgery will not make the hip completely better. She also seemed to be leaning towards autoimmune arthritis again, and briefly mentioned starting to treat it more when I go back after surgery.

There is actually a reason I am writing about all these things now (beside the fact an update was overdue). Today in English class we had to write about cold. About five minutes after we started my teacher told us to stop writing, grab our journals and pens and follow him outside. We went directly outside never-mind the fact it was snowing and none of us had coats with us or anything. Once outside we could continue writing.

Soon my hands had turned a nice white, with a hint of blue and were completely numb. We were probably only outside for a few minutes, but it was enough to trigger Raynaud's. After I came in the feeling started coming back in the form of pain, as well as a purplish red hue. My toes had the same feeling although I could not see them.

Although a normal color now I have been wearing gloves on and off all day, while indoors. I am also wearing my fuzzier socks and slippers. I am STILL cold.

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  1. Ouch, that doesn't sound pleasant. Maybe you can carry around handwarmers? Some are single use and are activated by shaking it a little. They're good for warming your gloves, pockets and socks before you wear them (I actually used to put one in a sock and hold it).