1 Week Post Cortisone

Right now I am rather frustrated.

While the cortisone is helping it is not doing as much as I hoped it would. After my knee injection last year I was just about completely pain free for 4ish weeks, there was also no initial pain (even the actual injection was hardly a pinch). My hip however has still had a little pain. I am defiantly walking better with is encouraging, but also means the muscles that haven't been working up to par have to get back into shape.

The biggest difference between my knee injection and my hip injection does not have to do with the injected joint though. When I had a cortisone injection in my knee I only had one bad joint, which the injection fixed. So all the sudden I had all this physical ability I had been missing out on. This time I am still left with joints that haven't been touched, so I still can not do things like jump. The only difference now is I don't limp as often (but sometimes my knee still causes me to limp) and I can sit for a little longer.

Even with those problems my biggest issue is my parents. They are not making me a PT appointment  My mom says to talk to my dad, and he says he is working on it. There has been a whole week to work on it, I am officially pissed. I need to do six weeks of PT, and since these injection tend to work for about 4-6 weeks in my experience and I am already a week in, the cortisone will have completely worn off before I finish enough PT to have surgery. Besides for that I am also going back to the OS in two weeks, which will be pretty pointless if I haven't done any PT yet. This issue has inspired many screaming matches in my house today. Also every time I bring it up my parents tell me to ice or take an anti-inflammatory. They also said when I refused to load/unload the dishwasher until they made me a PT appointment that it was a job that doesn't involve moving a lot so it wouldn't hurt (it is actually really painful for my hip as I need to constantly bent over to get dish or put them in plus walking around to put things away). Everyone seems to be missing the point. The cortisone is controlling pain better than anything else has but I need to go to PT as cortisone is not a permanent solution and after the cortisone wears off PT will become near impossible due to pain!

Sorry for rambling, I just really needed to vent. I also know this post is probably really scattered, my thoughts tend to go all over the place when I am upset.

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