1st Hip PT

Today I went to PT for my hip for the first time. It was kinda like dejavu being at PT again. At least everyone is nice and I got to catch up with my PT.

Thankfully my dad made the appointment with Joe, who rehabbed my knee last year. The evaluation was slightly more complicated than usual because he did not want to stress my knees to much. I did not have to go through that much testing since I already have the diagnoses of FAI. After the evaluation it was decided that it is my flexibility that needs to be worked on, not exactly shocking news to me. Something exciting was when he did all the impingement test that have always killed when my OS does them I was pain free, which means the cortisone is working for sure!

I was given two rules for what I can and cannot do. If it hurts my hips don't do it and if it makes my hips click don't do it. The cortisone helps with the first, but the second is near impossible. When I walk my hip clicks, so that is kinda hard to avoid. Also the whole clicking thing has really limited what PT exercises I am allowed to do. So far there is I have only done about four things. One I am not allowed to do a lot because of clicking and two I need PT equipment to do, leaving me with one stretch I can complete at home.

I asked Joe what he thought the chance of avoiding surgery was. He also said only about 15% of people get better with conservative treatment but the people who did where usually young so I have age on my side. What my chances are really depends on what other damage I have in my hip, so Joe is going to request a copy of the MRI report for me. Very excited but kind of scared to see it, and now I don't have to wait until I see the OS on the 16th.

The last thing my PT suggested is orthodics . So next appointment he is fitting me for some.

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