MRI Number Five and Euflexxa Injection Number One

Last night I had an MRI on my right hip. This was not one of the more pleasant MRI experience I have had but hopefully I am done with MRIs for a while. The OS told me the results today since I was already there. Basicly the everything he had thought was confirmed and I have a labral tear on the right and it is bigger than the one on the left.

Today I had the first of three Euflexxa injections in my left knee. The injection itself was a lot more painful than any of the cortisone injections I had, which took my by surprise. At least there has not been a ton of pain since the actual injection. My hip actually feels a lot worse but I think that is because my knee is not quite bending as much as before the injection, so the hip is protesting the extra slack.

On the surgery front everything is still on pause until I see a Rheumatologist. The OS did say that after seeing my right hip MRI he would be more incline to operate on my right hip than any other joint, since it is the worst structurally. I just don't think my left leg could hold up on crutches so the thought of my right hip being non weight bearing for three to four weeks without fixing the left side first scares me as it is struggling with the knee injection. No point in worrying about that now.

At this point I am really I am just really exhausted by physically and mentally. I have been getting up early or getting home late a lot lately for different appointments and I can feel the toll it is having on me. I had thought I was doing better today than yesterday, but according to my friends I was really off, so I guess I was just so out of it I didn't even realize it.

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