Ultrasound Guided Cortisone Injection

Today was the big day. I woke up at 5AM, I firmly believe no one on the planet should ever have to be awake at this hour. It was still dark out when I embarked for HSS. The only good thing about getting up this early was how pretty the view was from the waiting room window. I have discovered both the x-ray waiting room and the ultrasound waiting room over look the east river, which is gorgeous in the morning.

View from the ultrasound waiting area at 7AM
Soon I was called back to an ultrasound room. First they just did an ultrasound of my hip, the radiologist pointed out that I have Cam impingement. I asked if I also have pincer but he said it was nearly impossible to see on an ultrasound but most people have both.He also said that my labrum was not detached, even though he could not tell if it was torn, but at least the fact it is not detached is a good sign. I was really surprised he told me so much when I have gone for MRIs and x-rays the radiologist usually say they can't tell me anything.

Next it was time for the injection. First they sterilized the area then they put a sterile field around it, and then sterilized again. first they insect some numbing stuff, although it didn't feel numb but hopefully helped, it burned a little while they injected it. Instead of injecting the cortisone in the same manner, first the needle by itself went it. The doctor was using an ultrasound to see where it was going. The needle hurt when it first went in and there was a painful pop when it enter the actual joint. Next the cortisone shot was injected, there was a sharp pain as it went in but after a few seconds all that was left was a residual soreness. 

The first few hours afterwards my hip was stiff from all the extra fluid and a little sore but not too bad. At hour three or four however I was in a lot more pain. The radiologist told me to relax for the day, but me being me I went to school anyway. I would not suggested that to others. Right now it hurts to move my leg or put any weight on it but hopefully it will get better soon.

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