More MRIs

Last Friday I went in to the city to see a new OS at the Hospital for Special Surgery. What came out of this appointment is it is time for new MRIs. I scheduled an MRI for both my left knee and hip for Monday.

This was my 3rd MRI on my knee and my 1st MRI on my hip, nothing of importance has ever been found through any of these, so I did not have high hopes for this one.

I got to HSS for my appointment at 6:15 and I go to the MRI room and the technician is looking at my recently filled out questionnaire. He looks up and says "you have braces?"


Next he asked me to stick my head next to the MRI machine to see if it pulled on my braces., as this one had a stronger magnet than most. And it did so I had to be swapped with another person. So twenty minutes later I finally started the MRI. In total I was in the MRI machine for over an hour and a half, at least I got to listen to Adele.

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