The 85%

15%...That is what I was told by the PA when I asked what percent of people get better with conservative treatment for Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI). The other 85% have surgery. I was not expecting a great statistic but was hoping for a better one. Still even though I am almost defiantly having surgery there are steps to take.

First comes the Cortisone Injection, which I have had. Thankfully even though the first two days were horrible after the injection it seem to be getting better yesterday. And this morning it was rainy, which means my knees and hips usually swell, and while my knees and right hip still swelled a bit, my injected hip didn't! I only had a little pain where the needle actually entered the joint, but besides that my hip was pretty good. The fact the injection is working means surgery will probably work as well.

Next I have to start PT, but I am supposed to go to a hip specialist preferably. It does not seem like a whole bunch of those exactly exist where I live, so it is a work in progress. The sooner I start PT the sooner I can get surgery and be done.

Soon I will probably have a CT scan done as well, since they give a more detail image of bone deformities.

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