House OS

Hi, I am Joan and I have probably had knee pain since I was about 10 and first went to an orthopedist when I was a Freshman, well now I am 16 and I am a senior and also have hip pain. If House was an orthopedic surgeon(OS) I would probably be one of his patients. Here is my history by the numbers-

Countless X-rays and doctors appointments
8ish different diagnoses (not sure about number)
8 months with out full range of motion(ROM) in my left knee
4 Painful joints (both knees and hips, worse on left side)
4 MRIs
4 Knee braces
3 PT attempts
3 Different doctors
3 Months on crutches
1 Cortisone shot
1 Knee surgery
1 Year since I have ran

Lately I have doing a lot of research and have found people's blogs very helpful so I have decided to make one of my own to hopefully help other people (as well as vent a little).

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