Spring Break!

Ok so my spring break may not of been the most exciting, as I think I spent more time at PT then anywhere else, but it was nice not to spend the entire time in bed because of pain. In fact my heat pad only came out like once, what is this craziness?

PT has been going great since I stopped flaring! As of Wednesday I am doing every exercise I had to stop because of my knees during the flare, plus new exercise. I am finally done doing pillow squeezes and glute sets, I now have very few table exercises. As of next week I am down to only two PT appoints a week instead of three, which means I won't have to go before school anymore!

I did do something besides PT this week, I went prom dress shopping! I found a gorgeous blue and white open back gown. I am not going to post a picture until after prom but I love it. It fit perfectly but if I gain an ounce it will be an issue or if my hips choose to swell prom night. I also have amazing shoe, they are silver stilettos and over 3 inches tall! My PT would probably not be happy about that.

Shoes this gorgeous are worth it!


  1. I'm glad to hear PT is going so well! That's awesome.

    I can't wear heels anymore cause of my joint pain (boo), but I still love to go into shoe stores and look at them :p They're so pretty. Haha.

  2. Yeah PT has been great, although one of my knees was acting up today so I had to skip a couple things, but it felt better after my PT worked on it.

    These are the only heels I own and I have only worn them on other time, for my cousin's wedding last august. I figure it is worth it once in a while!

  3. That's so great that your PT is going well.

    My heart goes out to you - I have had JRA since I was nine and it is no fun at all, and adding everything else that you're going through as well! You are for sure a trooper!

    Just so you know, I really enjoyed reading a couple of your posts, so I'm sharing your blog link on my personal blog about my journey through RA.

    I hope that you are having a great evening!

    And props to you for being able to break out the heels! Unfortunately I'm not heel ready yet, but maybe someday! :)

  4. Thanks, I am glad you like my blog, I really enjoyed yours too.

    You will get to be heels ready someday, I am not really yet, but you only get one senior prom (we will see how long it takes before I take off my shoes)!