The Essentials

RA Warrior is doing a blog carnival about non-medical things that help ease some pain or make life a little easier. I have a few golden product so I have decided to participate.

I probably could not function without my Sun Beam Heat Pad. Most nights I can not choose which joint to use it on first. When I got it last year to calm muscle spasms after knee surgery I did not know how much I would use it. There is even a pad inside that you can dampen so you can use it for moist heat. I got it from Wal-Mart and I don't think it was even $15.

This Teavana Tumbler is actually my favorite thing ever. I use it everyday for both tea and coffee. Even before I had problems with my hands I have always been a naturally clumsy person, and leaky travel mugs might hold up for most but for me they have always been a recipe for disaster. Now throw in a pair of crutches to that equation, as I had to for three months last year, and I needed help to carry the travel mugs, because in my bag they would leak. So when the prospect of hip surgery and more time on crutches came up I knew the I needed a better solution. My sister got this for me for my birthday and it has been great. It doesn't spill ever, it also keeps my tea/coffee hot for insane amounts of time. I am confident when (or if) I have hip surgery I can throw this in my bag with out fears of leaks.

I also use an assortment of heat/ice packs and icy-hot products (my favorites being the sleeves and the roll-on one, I really have no desire to apply it using my hands so I never get the gel) and other things.

Disclaimer: I received no financial compensation or free products for any of the above reviews. 

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  1. I too love my heating pad. I used to have a Sunbeam, like you show here, but my Dad had a professional one. I found it on Amazon. You may want to try it...