Running on Zofran

As you may remember a few months ago I started to run. My new year's resolution was to run a 5K or at least start training for one. It took till February to start out on that goal but I did, and I was even doing well for a while. Then that nasty infection hit right after spring break. I tried to keep running but it didn't go so well. I had to create a no running within 48 hours of vomiting rule. Yeah that is a thing.

Well almost 2 months had gone by and between my schedule and regular vomiting and dehydration I hadn't been on a run. Since I had to stop taking sulfazalazine I had notice more stiffness in my joints and decided I needed to go for a run. I started to prehydrate with some Gatorade. I went about 1.25 mile and felt good.
Post Run Selfie and Starbucks

Two days later I had a final in the afternoon and was feeling stiff so I decided to go on another run. I had a light breakfast in anticipation and once again prehydrated. Right before I hit the 1.25 mile make I stated puking. Just how I wanted to end my run. I held off on the post run selfie.

I decided I would wait two weeks till my next endoscopy to run again. Well that was yesterday but we need to wait for the biopsy results before we know anything. I decided not to wait to run. This morning I took a Zofran, drank some Gatorade and less than a mere 24 hours after waking up from anesthesia I was off. I ran 1.26 miles including my fast mile yet. I also was about to see CHOP from my run. No post run vomit either!
Pre Run Prep

Mid Run Selfie with CHOP in the Background!

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