Roar 2013

As I did with last year I choose a song to describe this past year, Roar by Katy Perry. When I saw the lip dub done by a Children's Hospital I instantly felt connected to the kids. The song talks about constantly being pushed down but getting up and being even stronger than before. I was pushed down a lot during this past year but I would like to think I am stronger for it.

Looking back on 2013 there were a lot of bad things: 2 hip surgeries, an ER visit, and multiple life changing diagnoses. In the end there was way more good things: senior prom, high school graduation, starting college at my dream school, and amazing times with amazing friends. Even with all I have been through I would not want to change anything of the past year, because without the bad I might not appreciate the good. (Although I wouldn't mind having a few less doctors appointments in 2014!)

So here is to 2014!

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