A Long Week Featuring the ER and GI Specialist

On Sunday my stomach pain started to get worse than it had been, and continued to worsen until finally on Monday it was more than I could handle. My RA went to get some EMTs but instead found police. The police wanted my to take an ambulance to the ER but I was not going for that, because there is a fine for the ambulance because it is assumed you are drunk. The police kept insisting I may have appendicitis and my appendix may burst, I tried to explain my pain had already been diagnosed by a doctor and it was not in fact appendicitis. They finally made me sign a release saying I refused to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Next my RA hailed a taxi and we took that to the University Hospital. I was admitted as soon as we got there. And was treated to gastritis of course (and not even checked to appendicitis). First I was given Zofran, which help with my nausea but not pain. A while later I was a GI cocktail, which was bubble gum colored and tasted rather vile. The GI cocktail was made up of Maalox, Tylenol, and Lidocaine. I must say I like Lidocaine much better when it is being injected into my joints. Three hours later I was finally discharge with prescriptions for Maalox and Tylenol Extra Strength.

By the time I got back to my dorm it was about 4, it is safe to say that I did not go to any classes Tuesday. Instead I spent a good chunk of time at the pharmacy trying to get my prescriptions filled. Then I started vomiting about 10 minutes after I took all my medications, which was really no fun and probably the low point of the week.

I did manage to get into see a GI Specialist at CHOP on Wednesday (although it did mean missing more class). She wants to make sure that we make sure that there isn't another cause of the gastritis beside side effects of celebrex so we are doing a few test. She is also trying to avoid an endoscopy, which I really appreciate, but did say I probably would need one. Fun fact I learned during this appointment is the Maalox stops the Protonix from working if taken to close together (too bad no one told me that before so I wonder it thats why I was throwing up on Tuesday?). So now I am taking the Maalox as need, but not for at least 2 hours after the Protonix.

Total Class Count for the Week-4 (although I did have some cancelled in all fairness)


  1. Wow! You had a heck of a time this week. :( I really hope the specialist is able to get to the cause of the pain and can treat it. It's really no fair that you have to deal with this right now, especially with classes to attend.

  2. Sounds like a terrible week. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that! I hope the doctors can figure out what's wrong and find a successful treatment plan.