3 Weeks Post Op and the No Good Stomach Ache

This past week has been really rough, although my hip is doing really well.

Last Tuesday I had my 2 week post op appointment. It went pretty well, everything looks good. The biopsy of the inflammation came back negative for RA. The OS mentioned I toe in when I walk, something which my PT has been telling me for 2 years. Still had to stay at 50% weight bearing for another week (which is disappointing because I thought since I started out with more weight on the leg then last time around I would get to wean sooner not later). I also got a letter to send to my insurance company to try to get them to cover more PT.

Wednesday I woke up extremely tired. I took a shower and then went right back to sleep, I even fell asleep in the CPM, which I have tried to do before but never been successful unless I was still on narcotics. I woke up just in time for my weekly PT session, where I noticed my right shoulder hurt and my left ankle did as well.

Thursday I went to college orientation, I had to wake up at 4 am to get to Philly on time, so at least my exhaustion made sense.There was a ton of walking involved, which did not bode well for my joints.
My Right Knee Did Not Do Well
There were some good parts #TUbigchairs

Friday I started to have a terrible stomach ache. First I thought I just had to eat something and it would get better, but it didn't. During the car ride home I was close to tears. And the stomach ache has continued throughout the weekend and seems to get worse when I eat. I think it is from the Voltaren, so I am waiting for the rheumatologist to call back to see what I should to do.

3 Weeks Marks the End!!

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