Self Injection Time?

Two years ago I was doing my research before my first rheumatology appointment and I discovered most people with autoimmune arthritis are on self injectable medication. 90% of kids with Juvenile Arthritis take a medication call Methotrexate, which can be taken orally but is mostly done by injection. Although I was also pretty positive we were not going to find anything at my rheumy appointment so I didn't think much about it. Once we discovered Uveitis in my eye though I thought my fate was sealed. Just under two years ago I was trying to prepare myself for the idea of sticking a needle in my leg. Within a few months of my then rheumy not doing anything I realized as long as I was under her care, for better or worse, I was not in danger of having to self inject. Under the care of my current rheumy the thought of possible self injections was on a very far back burner in my mind for a while but since my joints have done so well in the recent months it has totally disappeared.

So today when I went to a cardiology appointment and was asked if I could self inject I was thrown for a loop. I have research Postural Orthostatic Intolerance Syndrome (POTS) just as I always do. I have looked up the treatment options, but even though there is not cure or even remission there are lots of ways to treat POTS. Which treatment option you choose has much to do with each particular patient and their individual symptoms. Mostly its pills or IV fluids. I was mentally prepared for either option. Pills are easy (well NJ tube clogging aside), I take so many everyday, what's a few more? IV fluids? Those are the best, I always feel amazing with them. I can handle that, especially if it could be done on an out patient basis, THAT is practically my definition of heaven. Yes it involves a needle but a nurse is handling it.

A self injection is another story. You mean I am supposed to take a needle and stick it in myself? But I am not a medical professional. At this point I think it's just I was more blindsided by the whole thing than anything else. Once I do it I think it will be okay I just need to get to that point. I realize I didn't even ask much about the medication I am going to be injecting myself with. Me! Queen of driving doctors crazy with questions and research forgot to ask about side effects.

I will update once I actually get the medication which is called Epogen. POTS is an off label use so my doctor thinks we may have trouble getting prior authorization for it but says he usually gets it in the end.

Selfie at the Cardiologist (Unaware of the fate about to befall on me)

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