2 Months Post Op and College!

I feel like I haven't written in ages, I have had so much going on. First I was on vacation in Maine then I had welcome week at school and the first week of classes. This is just going to be pictures, but I have a lot to write about in my next post if I ever get the time!
Lil Sis Surveying the Ocean

Loving my new LL Bean Moccassins

My idiot sisters were the only one in the water at night without a wetsuit on!

So I may have made my sister get up at 5am to see the sunrise!

Carousel Sister Selfies
Learned How to Use KT Tape
Temple Time!

Target Take Over!

South Street in Philly!

Ziplining In the Middle of a City
So Blogger is getting mad at me for adding too many pictures so I am just going to put one more as a sneak peek to my next post (if I ever get the time to write it).

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